Accessibility Statement - August 20, 2020

Book a Space regularly invests efforts and resources in order to make the information on the site accessible, in a way that will be accessible, as far as possible, to the entire population, in accordance with the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law (1998) and its regulations.

As part of this effort, we made adjustments by adding a plugin (as detailed below), and as part of the adjustment - the company has an exemption under section 35F of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities (Adjustment of Service Accessibility) Regulations, 2013, from accessing the site.

Accessibility of meeting rooms and spaces
Customers who choose to book through us will be able to receive information on the details of the spaces:

  • Wheelchair accessible entrance (you can find out from the property owners what type of accessibility there is, ramp, the width of the entrance, elevator)
  • Disabled parking

This information is provided to us by the suppliers, we are not responsible for the accuracy of the information, and recommend checking with those property owners before ordering.

Website accessibility
The website has an accessibility plugin that includes:

  • Change the color contrast
  • Highlighting links
  • Change font to legible font
  • Adjustment work is currently underway to improve and make Book a Space website accessible

Contact Information

We will be happy to receive inquiries for information and / or suggestions for improving the accessible user experience. Here are the ways to contact us:

  • Accessibility Coordinator or CEO of the company: Shay Afek
  • Phone: 052-8701170
  • Email: