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Why listing your space?

It's profitable
It's profitable
Your earn money for hosting in a
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It's stable
Hosting can turn into a
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It's simple
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How can I turn direct demand into direct sales? 
Do you have a website? Digital property under your management? You can embed our booking engine on your site so anyone can reserve space directly from your site, all without further development! Just embed the code - and you have an order engine on the site.
In the personal area under "direct sales tools" you can configure the direct order engines and then execute the code to embed on your site.
How do I view reservations to my properties? 
In your personal account under "Reservations" you will see all orders made for the properties you own.
Clicking on the booking will open all booking details, including a requested product and special services (if requested by the user) as well as details of the tenant so you can contact him.
How do I edit and update the details of the properties and spaces in my account? 
To update an existing property or space, log in to your personal account and click on "My Properties".
Next to the property name, there is a pencil icon that allows the editing of the property.
In the space name row, there is a button in the form of 3 points - pressing it will edit the space in question.
How do I add properties and spaces? 
To add a property, click on "List a Space" in the menu. Fill in all the details about your property, its size, possible uses, related services and more. You will then be required to sign up for the site. Upon completion of the procedure, you will receive the registration confirmation and registration of the property by email. The property will not be advertised or viewed by the surfers until after it has been approved by us.
I am a property owner - how can I join and offer it for sale? 
In order to add your meeting room / space to our Marketplace, click on "List a Space" and begin our simple onboarding wizard.
You will need to fill in full details about the property such as name, description, address, photos, opening hours, price per hour and host information.
At the end of the process, we will review the integrity of the publication, including a conversation with the property owners, and allow the property to be displayed only after final approval.
How is the payment made? 
Payment is made at the time of booking.
Our payment system is secure and payment can be done using any valid credit card.

Inquiries regarding financial matters can be sent to info@bookaspace.co.il
How do I know that the meeting rooms and properties on the site are valid? 
Book a Space has a very strict and orderly verification process. We do not present any site or conference room listing until we have verified that the venue is actually present and active in the proposed format. Our team keeps a tidy record of managers and place owners as well as a contact who represents the place with Book a Space surfers. We also validate the displayed images as well as the services offered and only after all the details have been checked and verified will the space be displayed on the site.
How are meeting rooms and spaces searched on the site? 
Very simple. Our homepage has an order engine. All you have to do is select the region, date, time and number of participants you want and after clicking the search button the search results will be displayed - in a card view or on a map
How do I update my personal information? 
You can update your personal information by clicking "Settings". You can change your favorite name, phone, language, and currency.
How do I make a reservation? 
The property page displays all the meeting room information you need, and on the right-hand side of the screen there is a search engine that includes - date and time, number of participants and average price. Click "Check Availability" to make sure the place is available.
If available, the exact hourly rate + VAT for the date and time of your request will be added to the information.
Clicking on "reservation" will take you to the booking screen, where you must register (to set up an account that will allow you to access your orders and update / change them) or You can also log in to your account, and you can choose additional services if the place offers (breakfast, refreshments, special equipment, etc.) Once you have entered the details, you will be transferred to our secure payment system. The details of the order or change it in the personal area.
How do I contact the host? 
Contacting the hosts is made possible through our messaging system. In the invitations, click "Edit" and then "Contact the host."
Where can I see all the reservations I made? 
In the personal area, under "Reservations" you can find all the reservations you have made, both past and future. You can view all booking details, change, cancel and contact your host.
Please note, change and cancellation of a reservation depend on the host's cancellation conditions when booking.
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