How it works

The idea behind "Book a space" is a 3-step, rather simple process:

Search, Find, Book.


Search a space

Our platform contains a variety of meeting rooms and halls in various sizes all over Israel. Using "Book a space" sophisticated search engine, you can accurately define the exact space you're looking for – the type of space, location, size, date & time and desired features, if any (such as view, food & beverages, parking etc.)  – browse the different results and choose the right space for you.


Find a space

You'll see a complete information card for each space – address, pictures, detailed information about the space, the price and what it includes, so you can make the right decision and pick the most suitable space for you.


Book a space

After choosing the space you want, you can easily book it and secure the date & time for you.

After the payment, you'll receive an e-mail from us with a review of your reservations and the name of your host – the space's representative that will welcome you upon arrival to the venue and will be your contact person for every question or request you may have.


How Book a Space works

Why should I use book a space?

Because it's diverse

Our search engine contains hundreds of spaces of all kinds to any purpose, where you could find various meeting spaces and halls in private offices, restaurants, and hotels. You could pick just the space itself, or add extra services such as food & beverages, projector, screen etc. according to your needs.


Because it's flexible

Thanks to our wide range of meeting rooms and halls, our system can allow you a lot of flexibility. You can book a space for any time of the day, almost anywhere you want in any terms


Because it's simple

Book a space is an intuitive system, allows you to quickly search, pick and pay. You don't need to talk to anyone or do anything else than choose your space, fill in the details and pay


Because it's trusted

All spaces in our system are added after a complete professional check-up by our team. That means we verify the space – it's location, owner, compatibility to the pictures, its quality and facilities, so you know exactly what you pay for.

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